Applying for GST Registration in Singapore – Process You Need to Know

gst registration singapore

The General Sales Tax (GST) registration process in Singapore varies a little based on the type of registration and constitution of the business. Proper planning is required to reduce the hassle that you may face and proper preparation can speed up the process.

Below are the steps and processes registering for GST:-

  1. Determine the type of GST registration
  2. Submit GST registration application online
  3. Application is processed, which usually takes 10 working days
  4. Notification of GST registration results

#1 Determining the type of GST registration

A business must know that there are two types of GST registration: Compulsory or voluntary. You can visit this page on IRAS to find out which you’re applying for.

For business owners opting for voluntary registration, it is mandatory to complete two e-learning courses: “Registering for GST” and “Overview of GST”.

#2 Submitting GST registration application online

One of the reasons why Singapore ranks highly on the ease of doing index is that it has streamlined the various registration processes, just like the registration of companies is done online. Similarly the registration for GST is also done online through the myTax Portal.

Potential Caveat: The preparer of the registration must be authorized by the business concerned to carry out transactions in CorpPass and access the e-registration service of the myTax portal.

You can find the complete list of documents that will be required to complete the registration process here, before proceeding with the registration. Please make sure to have all the required documents in soft copy. It is essential to fill in the GIRO application form and it has to be mailed to IRAS Singapore.

#3 IRAS processing your GST Registration Application

It usually takes 10-12 working days for IRAS to process the GST registration application and if needed, the authorities may require any additional information and documents if they deem necessary. Please note that applications that are incomplete or do not have the supporting documents will not be entertained and will be considered withdrawn.

#4 Notifying of GST registration results

Upon successful registration, a letter of notification of GST registration will be issued on the given address. The letter should contain the GST registration number and the effective date of GST registration. Notifications will also be sent through SMS and email if the same has been provided in the application.

The GST registration process may look simple, however, it can also be complicated to ensure full compliance with IRAS. Get in touch with us today, we can help with all matters in regards to your business’ GST registration.  

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